Celebrity crush?

nicki was 2 good for this cruel world …

a badass feminist woc n one of the only open supporters of the revolution against the juggalords and their lapdog fieri

she was in a vicious rap duel with the presidents - one she was sure to win - when fieri

that fat bastard

straight up ganked her from behind

rip u beueutiful angel

Hey Roxy! You mentioned Fefeta gave the best advice. So, what was the best advice Fefeta gave you?

now that is somethin im NEVER gonna forget

the gurl is ON POINT i mean like damn

it was back when i was workin on quittin tha sauce


dirk n jake were off ‘canoodling’ or w/e and jane was back on her planet for some shit and i was back 2 bein alone again

except not. bcuz my bae fefeta

she came up to me when i was cryin and she said to me

3833 < It’s hard and no one understands!

3833 < often times you’ll sea that the right choice …


… can be the )-(ARD—EST one to furllow through with!



3833 < But everyfin is seasier with a little kelp from your furiends!


3833 < That’s the whole point of the game. To learn how to work as a team, and kelp each other out in dire furcumstances! 38DD

3833 < Efin someone big and STRONG can’t fight all of his own battles.


3833 < Nor can a mighty huntress!



3833 < Bassikrilly …


3833 < I’m )(—ER-E fur you roxy! 3833

… n til the whole trickster mess, that was the last drink i had.

Important post!

Hey guys, in case you havent noticed, im having a lot of trouble maintaining this blog, and I’d like advice from you guys!

So here’s my question: What am i doing wrong? What would you like to see from this blog

Since I’ve taken over this blog, I have gotten exactly 3 new asks, and I’m afraid to post anything at all, because every time I do i lose followers.

I’ve just now emptied out the inbox because most of these messages are completely old and outdated! 

New asks and advice would be MUCH APPRECIATED! 

Thanks! - Mod 

hey roxy if i may ask who is on your smooch list and in what order both platonic and romantic. (Err i have a feeling i worded that weird so basically a list of people you want to smooch for whatever reason whether you think they need it or they just need to be smooched or what have you.)

dstri is pretty high up on the list of people id totes mack on but as of late a CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED

yes thats rite im speaking of the one and only young pops crocker

talk about CUTE BOYS amirite

ofc there is always jake who i would smooch the heck out of

maybe if young granny english wasnt bein all evil and shit id gets me some of that yo shes pretty bangin

nothing like a girl who knows her sciencey stuffs to really get a gal worked up

AS FOR FRIEND SMOOCHES i would give janey the biggest platonic smooch in the world

one for callie too of course my poor girl is always sounding so lonely :’(

she needs the biggest friendsmooch and longest cuddle session. kisses for everyone.

as for the other two people wandering around this session who i havent met yet … i cant say whether or not with those guys!

How did your first fight with an imp go?



u can do wayyyy more dmg on these hard as fuck dudes w janes lil spoon than i could with my awesome rifle :’(

dirk n jake faces similar probs

What would you say your proudest moment was? :33

addiction is a powerful thing but u feel so much better once u get past it! it also helps when you got bomb ass friends like mine to help you out with ur problems.

also its not like u cant just put other stuff in ur martini glasses to get that classy afternoon martini look ;)

mod here! sorry for being SO inactive guys! literally my only excuse is that i keep forgetting this blog exists. new update today for SURE! it’d be great if y’all could send in some fresh asks too.

Broken tablet!

hey guys, my tablets broken so there wont be any new answers until i can get a new one

now is a great time to send in some asks, though!

what do you think of john and jade?

omfg john is like … the CUTEST BOI in tha entire world

not like there a lotta competish but still

and jade well …

maybe shell be a great pal o mine when she aint pulling the possessed murderer shtick 

Roxy, gurl. How do you get you hair to be so F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S ? :3

it is an INCREDIBLY simple process anon

first u wake up n u try and roll out of bed as terrible as that is

n then u check urself out in tha mirror ;)

and lastly u go HELL YEAH bc ur hair is lookin hella fab today 

its just that easy. go to bed fabulous wake up fabulous. my ‘do dos itself.

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