We hit 1k followers last night! YEAH! B) B) Shades for everyone!!

I’d been planning to do an event once we hit 1k for ages now, but I still don’t know which one to do. Mom Lalonde or Troll Roxy? I mean I won’t do either until the event at my other ask blog is finished (I’m working my ass off drawing it rn) so all you get are basically colored sketches for voting, sorry. I’m also sorry for asking so many times, it all came out tied. 8(

Please only vote using this post! Ask votes will be disregarded. 

Thank you SO MUCH for following me!!!! 8D

Mom Lalonde or Troll Roxy?

  1. aylpizzalover answered: i like the troll roxy’s symbol it’s clever with the mutie thing~
  2. forceofconviction answered: Mam Lalonde!
  3. airbendingautomaton answered: Troll Roxy :)
  4. k2e4 answered: Hmmmmm Troll Roxy, please! :D
  5. geminirenagade answered: troll roxy
  6. alucardscrispybutt answered: troll roxy
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  8. renblahs answered: troll roxy!! :D
  9. felinesamurai answered: troll roxy (=0w0=)
  10. ametzy answered: Mom Lalonde
  11. yume-soul210 answered: troll roxy?
  12. mazarinian answered: troll roxy!
  13. aradiasjournal answered: troll roxy !! ))
  14. shishihuntsthebooty answered: I like Troll Roxy! c:
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  16. theoldtaffy answered: i wanna say both but if i have to pick —- troll!roxy please? or whichever you feel is a smoother story!
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  18. clockanon answered: Troll Roxy!
  19. arabrax answered: Troll Roxy!!
  20. boxofunneededthings answered: troll Roxy ::D
  21. attack-on-regigigas answered: Troll Roxy!
  22. serendipitous-sonnet answered: troll roxy yesss
  23. a-donut-hole answered: Um um Troll Roxy
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    Mom Lalonde!
  25. karkatvansass answered: troll roxy
  26. that-kaiju-grrroupie answered: Troll Roxy!
  27. papsolutely-vantasstic answered: Mama Lalonde~
  28. stillticksaway answered: I can’t decide because I want both.
  29. kedaousadamaa answered: Troll Roxy
  30. crappycrappyblueblue answered: mom lalonde!!
  31. amaranthineamusement answered: troll roxy
  32. hong-kongs-girl answered: Troll Roxy
  33. gaburincho-archive answered: i like both but. we all know how i feel about troll roxies.
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  35. askmiss-harley answered: ((troll Roxy~! :D))
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